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You're thinking, "I want my canoe to be stable and seaworthy, go straight when I want it to, turn easily, and be comfortable enough to spend the day in. It would be a big plus if it took little effort to glide through the water.

"Oh yeah, my canoe should be light enough to put on my vehicle and to carry down to the water. I want it to be tough enough to take the bumps and bruises we may run into on our journeys, and roomy enough for the folks and gear I want to take along. And manageable, so I can paddle by myself once in a while.

"When I find the right canoe for me, it will be rugged-to last for years of adventures together, and frankly, I want it to be easy to take care of, too. I can just picture the good times we'll have!"

Many thousands of canoeists over the past thirty years have found just what they were looking for in a Great Canadian. Which one is right for you?



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