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   Duratex™ Construction Super tough hand-laid fiberglass construction. 24 oz. woven roving, 1 oz. mat, with extra reinforcement in key positions. Premium resins and gelcoats. Reinforcing ribs for strength and stiffness. Built-in flotation chambers. Seats are mounted to hardwood blocks glassed into the hull during lay-up and act as additional structural bracing.

   This method of construction provides a superb blend of strength, weight and price, without the design limitations found in other materials. Over the years, customers have told us, again and again, they can’t believe how tough and rugged our canoes are.


Andrea Dory

Andrea Dory For decades, Great Canadian's signature rowing dory has proven itself invaluable for coastal boaters as well as river drifters. Design lines discovered in sketches researched at Mystic Seaport, Connecticut are the foundation of this lapstrake classic rowboat. As a tender it handles healthy loads with ease. It offers stability enough for gear to be loaded over the gunwales of larger craft at anchor. A substantial keel provides directional stability in choppy water that is often encountered on large lakes or coastal harbors, while the bow design keeps everything dry. Fishermen and guides have extolled the Andrea Dory's prowess as a New England 'drift boat”. Surplus flotation, sturdy construction, and seaworthy performance earns the Andrea Dory's right to fly our maple leaf logo.

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Andrea Dory specifications
Length: 11' 6"
Width: 47"
Depth at Center: 14"
Bow Height: 26"
Weight: 86 lbs
Load Capacity: 640 lbs
Max. Power: 2 Horsepower
(or electric equivalent)
Material: Duratex


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