Poker at Great Canadian Casino Vancouver
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Poker at Great Canadian Casino Vancouver

Great Canadian Casino Vancouver




GCE Poker Logo


Play No Limit Texas Hold’em with buy in’s starting as low as $100. All games in the Poker Room qualify for the Super Bad Beat Jackpot, the NEW additional Local Bad Beat Jackpot, as well as Daily Progressive High Hand Jackpots. Staffed by our friendly, and professional team, if you’re looking for Poker, then you’ve come to the right place.

What’s Available

Delicious Burger and a Beer

Grab A Bite

Our casino offers a variety of delicious dining amenities.

Red and Green Poker Chips Stacked

No Worry Wait

Play slot machines or table games while you wait to get in the game at one of our 10 available poker tables.


All open and available games are posted on our Great Blue Heron Poker “X” (formerly Twitter) page. Follow along for up to date information.

No Limit Texas Hold’em

With no restrictions on how much you can wager, No Limit Texas Hold’em is a test of nerves, strategy, and skill. Will you go all-in and seize victory, or fold and live to fight another hand?

Offering: 1/3, 2/5, and 5/10 No Limit.

Poker Hours

Monday – Thursday: 10AM to 4AM
Friday – Sunday: 24 Hours

find us

Great Canadian Casino Vancouver
2080 United Boulevard
Coquitlam, BC
V3K 6W3

Get On The List: Register For A Game

For any inquiries


Call: 604-516-7175 / 604-379-8422

Email us to register for waiting list during non-operating hours.

No-shows will automatically be removed from the system 2 hours after registration.

Go for more than you came for.

Check back often for our poker promotions. There are many ways to get in on the action at Great Canadian Casino Vancouver.

Bad Beat Poker Logo

A chance to outwit your opponents and turn an otherwise disappointing hand into a thrilling win.





Only available at Great Canadian Casino Vancouver.





Available at River Rock Casino Resort, Great Canadian Casino Vancouver, Casino Nanaimo, and Elements Casino Victoria.
See FAQs for details


  • Language, dress and behaviour should be of a standard appropriate to ladies and gentlemen.
  • A player who expects to be showing down the winning hand should show it immediately.
  • It is considered impolite to ask to see the hand of a player one has just beaten in pot, or to use the request as a ‘needle’. A Supervisor may suspend this privilege should they deem it appropriate.
  • It is impolite to use an excessive amount of time to make a play one knows will be made.
  • It is improper to fold out of turn or when not facing a bet as it may give a player an unfair advantage.
  • A raise should be announced.
  • A player going All-In should announce that fact
  • Criticism of the way another player has elected to play their hand or their general style of play is impolite and undesirable.
  • A player is entitled to quit the game anytime without suffering criticism.
  • It is improper to speak any language other than English while any cards are in play.
  • Players should speak up and assist the dealer by calling attention to an error in the amount of a bet or improper reading of a hand.
  • Talk or demeaning to staff or players will not be tolerated. Throwing cards, name calling and other such uncivilized behaviour will be grounds for suspending or barring any player from the cardroom.
  • Talk or action demeaning to staff or players will not be tolerated; throwing cards, name calling and other such uncivilized behavior will be grounds for suspending or barring any player from the cardroom.
  • Management reserves the right to make a decision in the spirit of fairness, even if strict interpretation of the rules may indicate a different ruling.
  • Speaking any language other than English is not permitted while any cards are in play.
  • Only chips on the table or in transit (playing behind) at the start of a deal shall be in play.
  • A player may not remove any chips from play until they quit the game; chips on the table may be used to pay for incidental items.
  • One player per hand; no player shall give or receive advice from another player or spectator.
  • Cards must be kept in full view at all times; deliberately concealing one’s cards may result in a dead hand.
  • Players are responsible for protecting their own hand; a player with unprotected hand shall have no recourse should their hand become fouled.
  • Cards speak; a hand is ranked according to the actual cards, not by the player’s opinion of their holdings.
  • A player shall show both hole cards in order to be awarded the pot.
  • It is player’s responsibility to ensure their hand has lost before discarding their cards.
  • Show one, show all; any card(s) shown to one player must be shown to all players.
  • 3rd man Walking – the 3rd player away from the table will be picked up, without notice, if they miss any blinds.
  • Force Move/No Force Move – Please inquire which system is in use for the game of your choice.
  • Verbal declarations in turn are binding; verbal declarations out of turn may be subject to penalty.
  • Raises:.


  • Check – Raise is permitted in all games.
  • Action out of turn will be binding if the action to that player has not changed. A check, call or fold is not considered action changing. If action changes, the out of turn bet is not binding and is returned to the out of turn player who has all options including: calling, raising, or folding. An out of turn fold is binding.
  • Exposing cards to any player with a live hand or disclosing (discussing) the contents of one’s hand in an attempt to garner information (tells) or influence another playing (angling) while action remains may, at the supervisor’s discretion, be ruled a dead hand.
  • Players may not talk on a phone while at the poker table. House rules apply to other forms of electronic devices and electronic communication.
  • A player shall have no claim against the house for a faulty decision given in good faith, or an honest error by a dealer or Supervisor.


The list of rules is not all inclusive. A full set of Poker Rules may be viewed, upon request, by contacting the Poker Supervisor.


  • Quad eights (8s) must be beaten by winner of pot with four of a kind or better.
  • Both hole cards must play (no Kickers). To have 4 of a kind, player must have a pocket pair in their hand
  • Aces full of Tens (AAATT) must be beaten by winner of pot with four of a kind or better.
  • Both hole cards must play (no Kickers). To have 4 of a kind, player must have a pocket pair in their hand.


  • There must be five (5) active players during the deal to qualify. Players away from the table are not considered active players.
  • A player must take possession of their hand to be eligible for any part of the Bad Beat Jackpot. Only exception is if player posted an ante or blind.
  • Pot size for qualifying is $20 or greater. House rake and Jackpot contribution is considered part of the pot
  • Games with reduced rake will be eligible providing minimum number of players (5) and full jackpot contributions ($20) are met.
  • Discussion of the hand or jackpot during the play of the hand may void payment.
  • Qualifying Rules 1 through 5 and qualifying hand requirements must be met by the Top 2 ranking hands to result in a Bad Beat jackpot. If a non-qualifying hand is one of the top two or any Qualifying Rules are not met, there is no Jackpot.
  • *Proper identification is required for all parties involved in Bad Beat Jackpot payout*


  • The 2nd best hand will receive 50% of Local or Super Bad Beat Jackpot
  • The best hand will receive 25% of Local or Super Bad Beat Jackpot
  • The other active players dealt in the hand at that table will share the remaining 25% of Local or Super Bad Beat Jackpot
  • *Jackpot money will accumulate by contributions of $1.00 from the pot @ $20.*
  • Division of the jackpot drop will be as follows, based on a main amount total:
  • 25% to Super Bad Beat Main Jackpot Fund, 12.5% to Super Bad Beat Backup Jackpot, 25% to Local Bad Beat Main Jackpot Fund, 12.5% to Local Bad Beat Backup Jackpot Fund, 15% promotional fund & 10% administration fee retained by the house.
  • When the applicable Super Bad Beat Jackpot (SBBJ) reaches $500,000 it is capped and all the future Bad Beat contributions (less the admin fee) are added to the reserve.
  • When the SBBJ is won, 75% of the reserve to a maximum of $500,000 will start the new SBBJ and the remaining 25% will become the new reserve.
  • A player who triggers the Super Bad Beat Jackpot shall be paid only the top payout for which the hand is qualified and shall not also qualify for the Local Area payout.
  • Jackpot Drop will be counted and updated by 11AM daily*
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